About me

Stories have the power to engage, delight, and influence. I am a writer with a passion for storytelling.

I love exploring how  nuanced characters, immersive worlds and engaging dialogue feed into a narrative arc to create memorable stories. I’m driven by a desire to constantly learn and develop my skills, and share my stories with the world.

As a long-standing video game fan, I am particularly interested in exploring the unique storytelling potential of the video game medium. I appreciate the importance of keeping the player at the forefront of every design and writing consideration. Good narrative design has the potential to accentuate gameplay mechanics. Additionally, I understand that all stories told through quests can flesh out the game world, and how interesting characters with tonally-consistent dialogue are key to this.

Of course, not all video games need a narrative to be enjoyed. I am a firm believer, however, that good writing in video games, particularly of the adventure and RPG genres, can elevate a game if married successfully with the gameplay.

I pride myself on taking fledgling ideas and evolving them logically and with the continuity of the game universe in mind at all times. I love to develop ideas alongside enthusiastic developers and designers.

Random fact : When lost in concentration, I have a habit of sticking my tongue out a little. I frown over ideas a lot, too. Particularly the better ones.

If you’re still reading, allow me to briefly summarise my writing history.

From a young age, I have had a compulsion to write. I am fixated with how words on a screen or page can paint such vivid and layered pictures in the reader’s mind. I was quiet at school, and writing gave me a means to express myself. I felt like a literary explorer. From poetry to journalistic reporting, I traversed many literary plains, developing my skills as I did so.

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I continued writing through my university years. Following that I joined the now-defunct video game news, reviews and features website GamersFTW to immerse myself more deeply in the video game community.

From there, I earned a position on the Fool’s Theory writing team, working on isometric RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone.

It is video game writing that I now devote much of my free time to. I am always looking to embrace new opportunities, and greatly look forward to working with enthusiastic, like-minded individuals.